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The Zanesville Blue Devil Quarterback Club

~ supporting Blue Devil Football since 1971 ~ 

The Zanesville High School Blue Devil Quarterback Club was founded in 1971 by a group of dedicated football boosters. The Quarterback Club exists for the purpose of benefiting the Zanesville Blue Devil Football Program. Our goal is to support the Program in an effort to successfully provide for the young men who participate.

The Quarterback Club continues to be the driving force in making sure that our Blue Devil Players have the finest facilities, equipment, and opportunities that are available for a high school football program. In projects the Club undertakes the first question asked is “Will this project benefit Zanesville Football?” If the answer is “yes” then the project shall be endorsed. It is through the hard work, dedication and financial support of hundreds that form the basis for this Club.

for any questions on Quarterback Club Membership please see the link below:


~See any Quarterback Club Officer for details~

~you can also email (zhsqbc@gmail.com

or call 740 704 1927 with any questions~


2014 Zanesville Blue Devil

Quarterback Club Officers

President ~ Ray Lynn

President-Elect ~ Toby Wiggins

Vice-President ~ Bret Hickman

Treasurer ~ Mike Young 

Secretary ~ Paul Masterson

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